Measurement of the charm structure function F2,cγ of the photon at LEP

Bailey, Ian Richard and Kartvelishvili, Vakhtang (2002) Measurement of the charm structure function F2,cγ of the photon at LEP. Physics Letters B, 539 (1-2). pp. 13-24. ISSN 0370-2693

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The production of charm quarks is studied in deep-inelastic electron–photon scattering using data recorded by the OPAL detector at LEP at nominal e+e− centre-of-mass energies from 183 to 209 GeV. The charm quarks have been identified by full reconstruction of charged D★ mesons using their decays into D0π with the D0 observed in two decay modes with charged particle final states, Kπ and Kπππ. The cross-section σD★ for production of charged D★ in the reaction e+e−→e+e−D★X is measured in a restricted kinematical region using two bins in Bjorken x, 0.0014<x<0.1 and 0.1<x<0.87. From σD★ the charm production cross-section σ (e+e− → e+e−cc¯X) and the charm structure function of the photon F2,cγ are determined in the region 0.0014<x<0.87 and 5<Q2<100 GeV2 . For x>0.1 the perturbative QCD calculation at next-to-leading order agrees perfectly with the measured cross-section. For x<0.1 the measured cross-section is 43.8±14.3±6.3±2.8 pb with a next-to-leading order prediction of 17.0+2.9−2.3 pb.

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Physics Letters B
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