Search for single top quark production at LEP2

, OPAL Collaboration (2001) Search for single top quark production at LEP2. Physics Letters B, 521 (3-4). pp. 181-194. ISSN 0370-2693

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A search for single top quark production via flavour changing neutral currents (FCNC) was performed with data collected by the OPAL detector at the e+e− collider LEP. Approximately 600 pb−1 of data collected at √s = 189–209 GeV were used to search for the FCNC process e+e−→tc(u)→bWc(u). This analysis is sensitive to the leptonic and the hadronic decay modes of the W boson. No evidence for a FCNC process is observed. Upper limits at the 95% confidence level on the single top production cross-section as a function of the centre-of-mass energy are derived. Limits on the anomalous coupling parameters κγ and κZ are determined from these results.

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Physics Letters B
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