Lycopene recovery from tomato peel under mild conditions assisted by enzymatic pre-treatment and non-ionic surfactants

Papaioannou, Emmanouil H. and Karabelas, Anastasios J. (2012) Lycopene recovery from tomato peel under mild conditions assisted by enzymatic pre-treatment and non-ionic surfactants. Acta Biochimica Polonica, 59 (1). pp. 71-74. ISSN 0001-527X

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The tomato processing industry generates large quantities of tomato peel residues, usually creating environmental problems. These residues are a significant source of lycopene, thus providing an attractive alternative for profitable handling of these otherwise problematic byproducts. The enzymatic pretreatment of these residues for lycopene recovery has already been employed, although the use of surfactants for enhancing the recovery has not been examined so far. The enzymatic pretreatment of tomato peels, using two commercially available pectinolytic enzyme preparations, was evaluated suggesting that there is an optimum pretreatment time of about 1 h, enzyme amount 250 Units/mL and no significant pH influence. Lycopene surfactant - assisted extraction was further investigated, showing that, among eight surfactants used, the most suitable was "Span 20", with an optimum ratio of 6-7 surfactant molecules per lycopene molecule. Sequential enzymatic pretreatment and surfactant-assisted extraction (30 min for each step) was evaluated leading to an improved lycopene extraction yield, with a somewhat smaller surfactant molar ratio (i.e. 4-5). In the latter case, the yield of lycopene recovery was almost four times greater compared to just 1 hr enzymatic pretreatment, and was approximately ten times greater compared to the recovery from untreated peels. Furthermore, such lipophilic compound recovery, avoiding the use of organic solvents, is environmentally attractive and ensures direct lycopene use in the food and cosmetics industries.

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Acta Biochimica Polonica
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