Radiation hardness of two CMOS prototypes for the ATLAS HL-LHC upgrade project

Huffman, B. T. and Affolder, A. and Arndt, K. and Bates, R. and Benoit, M. and Di Bello, F. and Blue, A. and Bortoletto, D. and Buckland, M. and Buttar, C. and Caragiulo, P. and Das, D. and Dopke, J. and Dragone, A. and Ehrler, F. and Fadeyev, V. and Galloway, Z. and Grabas, H. and Gregor, I. M. and Grenier, P. and Grillo, A. and Hoeferkamp, M. and Hommels, L. B. A. and John, J. and Kanisauskas, K. and Kenney, C. and Kramberger, J. and Liang, Z. and Mandić, I. and Maneuski, D. and Martinez-Mckinney, F. and McMahon, S. and Meng, L. and Mikuž, M. and Muenstermann, Daniel Matthias Alfred and Nickerson, R. and Perić, I. and Phillips, P. and Plackett, R. and Rubbo, F. and Segal, J. and Seiden, A. and Shipsey, I. and Song, W. and Stanitzki, M. and Su, D. and Tamma, C. and Turchetta, R. and Vigani, L. and Volk, J. and Wang, R. and Warren, M. and Wilson, F. and Worm, S. and Xiu, Q. and Zhang, J. and Zhu, H. (2016) Radiation hardness of two CMOS prototypes for the ATLAS HL-LHC upgrade project. Journal of Instrumentation, 11 (2). ISSN 1748-0221

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The LHC luminosity upgrade, known as the High Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC), will require the replacement of the existing silicon strip tracker and the transistion radiation tracker. Although a baseline design for this tracker exists the ATLAS collaboration and other non-ATLAS groups are exploring the feasibility of using CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) which would be arranged in a strip-like fashion and would take advantage of the service and support structure already being developed for the upgrade. Two test devices made with the AMS H35 process (a High voltage or HV CMOS process) have been subjected to various radiation environments and have performed well. The results of these tests are presented in this paper.

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Journal of Instrumentation
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