Cross section versus time delay and trapping probability

Luna-Acosta, G. A. and Fernandez-Marin, A. A. and Mendez-Bermudez, J. A. and Poli, Charles Joseph (2016) Cross section versus time delay and trapping probability. Physics Letters A, 380 (33). pp. 2494-2500. ISSN 0375-9601

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We study the behavior of the s -wave partial cross section σ(k)σ(k), the Wigner–Smith time delay τ(k)τ(k), and the trapping probability P(k)P(k) as function of the wave number k. The s-wave central square well is used for concreteness, simplicity, and to elucidate the controversy whether it shows true resonances. It is shown that, except for very sharp structures, the resonance part of the cross section, the trapping probability, and the time delay, reach their local maxima at different values of k . We show numerically that τ(k)>0τ(k)>0 at its local maxima, occurring just before the resonant part of the cross section reaches its local maxima. These results are discussed in the light of the standard definition of resonance.

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Physics Letters A
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27 Jun 2016 15:16
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