Proteoglycan and acidic polysaccharide analysis

Lauder, Robert M. (2015) Proteoglycan and acidic polysaccharide analysis. In: Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry. Wiley. ISBN 9780470027318

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The study of the structure and function of proteoglycans (PGs) and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) has assumed an increasing significance as the wide range of important biological processes in which they play central roles has been elucidated. As studies of GAG structure expand in scope, and detail, the full structural diversity of these polymers is being uncovered. Significant heterogeneity can be seen but relationships with development, age, and pathology are being uncovered, which place these macromolecules centrally in these processes. Available methodologies allow detailed analysis of GAGs, but careful attention to the sample requirements of these methods and to their limitations is required to ensure the quality and reliability of the data derived is assured. Important developments, including mass spectrometry approaches, will take the field forward but well-established methods for the isolation and characterization of these complex molecules continue to have a hugely important role to play in structural and functional studies. This article examines a wide range of methodologies for the isolation and characterization of the PGs and GAGs in which recent developments in the field are reported along with well-established methods for the characterization of entire GAG chains or discrete features within those.

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