Black holes with Weyl charge and non-Riemannian waves

Tucker, Robin and Wang, Charles (1995) Black holes with Weyl charge and non-Riemannian waves. Classical and Quantum Gravity, 12 (10). pp. 2587-2605. ISSN 0264-9381

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A simple modification to Einstein's theory of gravity in terms of a non-Riemannian connection is examined. A new tensor-variational approach yields field equations that possess a covariance similar to the gauge covariance of electromagnetism. These equations are shown to possess solutions analogous to those found in the Einstein-Maxwell system. In particular one finds gravi-electric and gravi-magnetic charges contributing to a spherically symmetric static Reissner - Nordström metric. Such Weyl `charges' provide a source for the non-Riemannian torsion and metric gradient fields instead of the electromagnetic field. The theory suggests that matter may be endowed with gravitational charges that couple to gravity in a manner analogous to electromagnetic couplings in an electromagnetic field. The nature of gravitational coupling to spinor matter in this theory is also investigated and a solution exhibiting a plane-symmetric gravitational metric wave coupled via non-Riemannian waves to a propagating spinor field is presented.

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Classical and Quantum Gravity
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