The interplay of holistic shape, local feature and color information in object categorization

Rokszin, Adrienn Aranka and Győri-Dani, Dóra and Linnert, Szilvia and Krajcsi, Attila and Tompa, Tamás and Csifcsák, Gábor (2015) The interplay of holistic shape, local feature and color information in object categorization. Biological Psychology, 109. pp. 120-131. ISSN 0301-0511

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Although it is widely accepted that colors facilitate object and scene recognition under various circumstances, several studies found no effects of color removal in tasks requiring categorization of briefly presented animals in natural scenes. In this study, three experiments were performed to test the assumption that the discrepancy between empirical data is related to variations of the available meaningful global information such as object shapes and contextual cues. Sixty-one individuals categorized chromatic and achromatic versions of intact and scrambled images containing either cars or birds. While color removal did not affect the classification of intact stimuli, the recognition of moderately scrambled achromatic images was more difficult. This effect was accompanied by amplitude modulations of occipital event-related potentials emerging from approximately 150ms post-stimulus. Our results indicate that colors facilitate stimulus classification, but this effect becomes prominent only in cases when holistic processing is not sufficient for stimulus recognition.

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Biological Psychology
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