Semiconductor quantum dots for quantum light sources

Young, Matthew and Roberts, Jonny and Young, Robert (2013) Semiconductor quantum dots for quantum light sources. In: 4th International Workshop on Epitaxial Growth and Fundamental Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures, 2013-09-29, Lake Arrowhead, California, USA.

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True sources of quantum light, in which the number of photons delivered in a pulse can be precisely tailored, are a valuable resource in a plethora of emerging applications. These include metrology, sub-diffraction limited imaging and quantum key distribution, amongst others. Individual zero-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures, when harnessed as the active component in a device structure, can be useful sources of quantum light, including on-demand single photon sources , and high-fidelity entangled photon sources , . InAs/GaAs quantum dots have been the focus of the majority of the research in this area to date, but these nanostructures are typically limited to low temperature operation, and their strain-driven growth restricts them to proof-of-principle demonstrations. In this work we will present studies of two alternative material systems holding promise of increasing the practicality of non-classical quantum dot light sources, namely GaSb/GaAs quantum rings, and GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots. The former of these is found to have a very large confining type-II confining potential, emitting light at room temperature, with some surprising qualities. The latter system is grown strain-free, and as a result, the dots which form should be more symmetric. Scanning probe microscopy and micro-photoluminescence measurements from these two dot systems will be presented and discussed.

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4th International Workshop on Epitaxial Growth and Fundamental Properties of Semiconductor Nanostructures
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