Plasma in Saturn's nightside magnetosphere and the implications for global circulation (vol 57, pg 1714, 2009)

McAndrews, H. J. and Thomsen, M. F. and Arridge, C. S. and Jackman, C. M. and Wilson, R. J. and Henderson, M. G. and Tokar, R. L. and Khurana, K. K. and Sittler, E. C. and Coates, A. J. and Dougherty, M. K. (2014) Plasma in Saturn's nightside magnetosphere and the implications for global circulation (vol 57, pg 1714, 2009). Planetary and Space Science, 97. pp. 86-87. ISSN 0032-0633

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The authors regret that Figure 4 of McAndrews et al. (2009) has been found to contain three errors: first, the horizontal scale is slightly mislabeled; second, the vertical scale in the bottom panel (the Alfvén travel time) is wrong by a factor of 10; and third, the data plotted in the second panel from the top (the angle between the flow direction and the corotation direction) were incorrect. These errors have been corrected, and Fig. 1 of this corrigendum shows the corrected version. None of the conclusions reached by McAndrews et al. (2009) are affected by these corrections. The only substantive change is that the flow angle (Alpha, second panel; positive values indicate outflow away from Saturn, and negative values indicate inflow) does not reach the large values shown in the original Figure 4 (some apparently exceeding 90°). Rather, very few of the flows deviate by more than ~40° from the corotation direction, validating the statement in McAndrews et al. (2009) that the flows are predominately in the corotational direction, even at large distances from the planet (in agreement with their Figure 3). Fig. 1 also validates the observation that beyond a certain distance (here, ~22 Rs), “only outward motion is observed, and the flow angle increases with radial distance.”

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