The metacognitive beliefs account of hallucinatory experiences : a literature review and meta-analysis

Varese, Filippo and Bentall, Richard P. (2011) The metacognitive beliefs account of hallucinatory experiences : a literature review and meta-analysis. Clinical Psychology Review, 31 (5). pp. 850-864. ISSN 0272-7358

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An influential model of hallucinations proposed by Morrison et al. (1995. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy, 23(3), 265-280) assumes that dysfunctional metacognitive beliefs lead to the misattribution of intrusive thoughts to external sources, therefore generating hallucinatory experiences. Following a comprehensive review of the literature, a series of meta-analyses was carried out to summarize the empirical findings on the association between hallucination-proneness and different metacognitive beliefs. The results of this research synthesis found little support for the existence of specific associations between hallucinations and dysfunctional metacognitive beliefs. While metacognitive beliefs are robustly associated with hallucination-proneness in non-clinical studies, they were only moderately associated with hallucinations in clinical samples. Additional analyses revealed that, after controlling for the effect of comorbid symptoms, hallucination-proneness was only weakly associated with metacognitive beliefs, suggesting that the large associations observed in previous research might stem from the failure to consider the covariation between different symptoms. These findings have important implications in relation to the role of metacognitive factors in psychopathological symptoms, as well as for the implementation of metacognitive-focused cognitive behavioural techniques for the treatment of psychosis.

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