Measurement of the cosmic ray and neutrino-induced muon flux at the Sudbury neutrino observatory

Aharmim, B. and Ahmed, S. and Andersen, T. and Anthony, A. and Barros, N. and Beier, E. and Bellerive, A. and Beltran, B. and Bergevin, M. and Biller, S. and Boudjemline, K. and Boulay, M. and Burritt, T. and Cai, B. and Chan, Y. and Chen, M. and Chon, M. and Cleveland, B. and Cox-mobrand, G. and Currat, C. and Dai, X. and Dalnoki-veress, F. and Deng, H. and Detwiler, J. and Doe, P. and Dosanjh, R. and Doucas, G. and Drouin, P.-l. and Duncan, F. and Dunford, M. and Elliott, S. and Evans, H. and Ewan, G. and Farine, J. and Fergani, H. and Fleurot, F. and Ford, R. and Formaggio, J. and Gagnon, N. and Goon, J. and Graham, K. and Grant, D. and Guillian, E. and Habib, S. and Hahn, R. and Hallin, A. and Hallman, E. and Hargrove, C. and Harvey, P. and O'Keeffe, Helen (2009) Measurement of the cosmic ray and neutrino-induced muon flux at the Sudbury neutrino observatory. Physical Review D, 80 (1). ISSN 1550-7998

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Results are reported on the measurement of the atmospheric neutrino-induced muon flux at a depth of 2 kilometers below the Earth’s surface from 1229 days of operation of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO). By measuring the flux of through-going muons as a function of zenith angle, the SNO experiment can distinguish between the oscillated and unoscillated portion of the neutrino flux. A total of 514 muonlike events are measured between −1≤cosθzenith≤0.4 in a total exposure of 2.30×1014  cm2 s. The measured flux normalization is 1.22±0.09 times the Bartol three-dimensional flux prediction. This is the first measurement of the neutrino-induced flux where neutrino oscillations are minimized. The zenith distribution is consistent with previously measured atmospheric neutrino oscillation parameters. The cosmic ray muon flux at SNO with zenith angle cosθzenith>0.4 is measured to be (3.31±0.01(stat)±0.09(sys))×10−10  μ/s/cm2.

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Physical Review D
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