Study of CP-violating charge asymmetries of single muons and like-sign dimuons in pp̅ collisions

Abazov, V.M. and Abbott, B. and Acharya, B.S. and Adams, M. and Adams, T. and Agnew, J.P. and Alexeev, G.D. and Alkhazov, G. and Alton, A. and Askew, A. and Atkins, S. and Augsten, K. and Avila, C. and Badaud, F. and Bagby, L. and Baldin, B. and Bandurin, D.V. and Banerjee, S. and Barberis, E. and Baringer, P. and Bartlett, J.F. and Bassler, U. and Bazterra, V. and Bean, A. and Begalli, M. and Bellantoni, L. and Beri, S.B. and Bernardi, G. and Bernhard, R. and Bertram, I. and Besanifmmode çelse çon, M. and Beuselinck, R. and Bhat, P.C. and Bhatia, S. and Bhatnagar, V. and Blazey, G. and Blessing, S. and Bloom, K. and Boehnlein, A. and Boline, D. and Boos, E.E. and Borissov, G. and Brandt, A. and Brandt, O. and Fox, H. and Johnson, M. and Price, D. and Ratoff, P.N. and Ross, A. and Williams, M.R.J. (2014) Study of CP-violating charge asymmetries of single muons and like-sign dimuons in pp̅ collisions. Physical Review D, 89 (1). ISSN 1550-7998

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We measure the inclusive single muon charge asymmetry and the like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry in pp‾ collisions using the full data set of 10.4  fb−1 collected with the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron. The standard model predictions of the charge asymmetries induced by CP violation are small in magnitude compared to the current experimental precision, so nonzero measurements could indicate new sources of CP violation. The measurements differ from the standard model predictions of CP violation in these asymmetries with a significance of 3.6 standard deviations. These results are interpreted in a framework of B meson mixing within the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa formalism to measure the relative width difference ΔΓd/Γd between the mass eigenstates of the B0 meson system and the semileptonic charge asymmetries adsl and assl of B0 and B0s mesons, respectively.

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Physical Review D
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