Measuring the decay of vorticity in superfluid He-3-B:a progress report

Bradley, Ian and Fisher, SN and Hayes, WM and Bradley, Ian (1998) Measuring the decay of vorticity in superfluid He-3-B:a progress report. Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 113 (5-6). pp. 687-692. ISSN 0022-2291

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Recent measurements in superfluid He-3-B have been interpreted as evidence in support of the Kibble-Zurek hypothesis for the formation of defects in the early Universe. The superfluid He-3 analogue to the cosmic string is the quantum vortex:. We report here the preliminary attempts to detect the heat evolution from the decay of this vorticity in superfluid He-3-B at temperatures down to similar to 110 mu K. We produce vorticity by neutron irradiation of a small superfluid He-3-B sample and attempt to measure the heat released as the vorticity decays. We detect a long time scale heart release and find that the lifetime of this decay varies inversely proportional to the quasiparticle excitation number density in the superfluid. However, we have yet to be convinced that this heat is from the decay of vorticity.

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Journal of Low Temperature Physics
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