A pumping experiment in dilute 3He-4He solutions at millikelvin temperatures

Fisher, SN and Guénault, A.M. and Jackson, DA and Pickett, George and Torizuka, K and Turner, RP (1995) A pumping experiment in dilute 3He-4He solutions at millikelvin temperatures. Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 100 (3-4). pp. 241-252. ISSN 0022-2291

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Very dilute He-3-He-4 solutions provide a model system for the study of the effects of magnetic polarisation. It was proposed by the Lancaster group(1) that a ''pumping'' effect of He-3 should be observed under appropriate conditions in these solutions, In a strong magnetic field gradient, the He-3 should be pumped from the low field region towards the high field region, in which the He-3 is polarised We have now observed this effect in 0.1% and 0.06% solutions, using a vibrating wire resonator in the low field region as the concentration indicator. The concentration change of a few percent under our present experimental conditions (9 T maximum field, 10 mK) is of the expected magnitude so that development of the technique can now be considered.

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Journal of Low Temperature Physics
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