Kinetics and 13C NMR Study of Oxygen Incorporation into PVC- and Pitch-Derived Materials

Altoe, Gisele F. and Freitas, Jair C. C. and Cunha, Alfredo G. and Emmerich, Francisco G. and Smith, Mark E. (2009) Kinetics and 13C NMR Study of Oxygen Incorporation into PVC- and Pitch-Derived Materials. Energy and Fuels, 23 (3). pp. 1373-1378. ISSN 1520-5029

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The kinetics of oxygen incorporation into a PVC-derived material with pitch-like characteristics was studied by isothermal thermogravimetric analysis at temperatures ranging from 200 to 270 °C. Activation energy, Ea, pre-exponential factor, A, and rate constants, kT, were obtained from the weight-gain curves recorded during reactions of the material with molecular oxygen, which were analyzed following a kinetic first-order model. The numerical values obtained were Ea = 100.5 kJ/mol and A = 1.6 × 1010 h−1. The extent of the oxidation at a fixed temperature was monitored by elemental analysis, and the chemical changes in the materials were followed by solid-state 13C NMR. The study was next extended to the chars obtained from three coal tar pitches with different softening points (55, 85, and 110 °C). Comparisons were then established between the determined kinetic parameters and the chemical/structural aspects and compositions of each analyzed material.

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Energy and Fuels
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