Darkness at the edge

Casey, Sarah (2013) Darkness at the edge. [Exhibition]

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A drawing selected for international juried group exhibition of artworks around the following theme: There are places we find ourselves where light fades and darkness arrives. That edge, precipice, or boundary, where the light meets the dark, can become a threshold into an unknown abyss or terrain. It might be the moment after opening the door to reveal the darkness of your home or studio. Entering a cave on a bright day. Looking out at a moon-lit lake of dark water that you would never dare dive into. The end of an affair, marriage or friendship. We have all looked into the darkness at the edge, the place where we let go of what we had, knew or cherished. Darkness at the edge is about those moments of liminality; the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in life and dream when you no longer hold what you held, but have not yet begun the transition to what you will hold. During a ritual's liminal stage, a participant "stands at the threshold,” often in a state of contemplation of what was and what could be.

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