A Measurement of the |V(cb)| from anti-B(0) --> D*+- lepton- anti-lepton-neutrino

, ALEPH Collaboration (1995) A Measurement of the |V(cb)| from anti-B(0) --> D*+- lepton- anti-lepton-neutrino. Physics Letters B, 359 (1-2). pp. 236-248. ISSN 0370-2693

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From approximately 3 million hadronic decays of Z bosons recorded with the aleph detector at lep, a sample of 410 ± 32 candidates is selected, where ℓ is either an electron or a muon. The differential decay rate from this sample is fitted, yielding a value for the product of the CKM matrix element |Vcb| and the normalisation of the decay form factor at the point of zero recoil of the D∗+ meson (ω = 1)|Vcb| = (31.4 ± 2.3stat ± 2.5syst) × 10−3. A value for |Vcb| is extracted using theoretical calculations of the form factor normalisation, with the result |Vcb| = (34.5 ± 2.5stat ± 2.7syst ± 1.5theory) × 10−3. From the integrated s the measured branching fraction is %.

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Physics Letters B
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