Measurement of charge asymmetry in hadronic Z decays

, ALEPH Collaboration (1991) Measurement of charge asymmetry in hadronic Z decays. Physics Letters B, 259 (3). pp. 377-388. ISSN 0370-2693

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A significant charge asymmetry is observed in the hadronic Z decays with the ALEPH detector at LEP. The asymmetry expressed in terms of the difference in momentum weighted charges in the two event hemispheres is measured to be <Qforward>−<Qbackward>= −0.0084±0.0015 (stat.) ±0.0004 (exp. sys.). In the framework of the standard model this can be interpreted as a measurement of the effective electroweak mixing angle, sin2Ow (Mz2=0.2300±0.0034 (stat.) ±0.0010 (exp. sys.) ±0.0038 (theor. sys.) or of the ratio of the vector to axual- vector coupling costants of the electron, gvegAe=+0.073±0.024.

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Physics Letters B
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