Charged Particle and Neutral Kaon Production in e+ e- Annihilation at PETRA

JADE Collaboration (1983) Charged Particle and Neutral Kaon Production in e+ e- Annihilation at PETRA. Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields, 20 (3). pp. 187-206. ISSN 0170-9739

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The mean charged multiplicity as well as its distribution has been measured as a function of c.m. energy in the reactione + e −→hadrons. Fragmentation models are compared with the data. After applying radiative corrections the mean charged multiplicity is measured to be 8.4±0.3±0.6 at 12 GeV, 13.1±0.3±0.6 at 30 GeV and 13.6±0.3±0.6 at 35 GeV. The ratio of mean charged multiplicity to the dispersion (<N ch>/D ch) is almost constant in the energy range studied, indicating KNO scaling of the charged multiplicity. The inclusive differential cross sections(dσ/dx p ) shows scaling violation in the highx p region (x p >0.15). The absolute value of the scaling violation is consistent with the result of 2nd order QCD calculations. The production of neutral kaons has been investigated by identifying the decayK S 0→π+π−. The production probability for a strange quark relative to that of au ord quark in the fragmentation, γ s , has been determined to be 0.27±0.03±0.05 averaged over c.m. energies from 12 to 35 GeV. Momentum spectra for neutral kaons are presented and are compared with model predictions.

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Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
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