Functionalisation of terpyridine complexes containing the [Re(CO)3Cl]+ moiety

Amoroso, Angelo J. and Banu, Afrosa and Coogan, Michael and Edwards, Peter G. and Hossain, Golzar and Abdul Malik, K. M. (2010) Functionalisation of terpyridine complexes containing the [Re(CO)3Cl]+ moiety. Dalton Transactions, 39 (30). pp. 6993-7003. ISSN 1477-9234

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The investigation into the substitution and addition chemistry of Re(σ2-terpy)(CO)3Cl shows that the chloride in Re(σ2-terpy)(CO)3Cl (1) may be substituted for acetonitrile to give [Re(σ2-terpy)(CO)3(CH3CN)][PF6] (2), but in the cationic complex [Re(σ2-terpyMe)(CO)3Cl][PF6] (4), where the pendant pyridine has been methylated, substitution of the chloride could not be achieved using standard conditions. However, use of [Re(σ2-terpyMe)(CO)3I][PF6] (3) results in the formation of [Re(σ2-terpyMe)(CO)3(CH3CN)][PF6]2 (5). The acetonitrile ligand in complex 2 was found to be labile and could be substituted by pyridine donors.

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Dalton Transactions
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