BCJR trellis construction for binary linear block codes

Manoukian, H. and Honary, Bahram (1998) BCJR trellis construction for binary linear block codes. IEE Proceedings - Communications, 144 (6). pp. 367-371. ISSN 1350-2425

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A novel low-complexity trellis design technique for linear binary block codes is introduced. It is shown that, for some linear block codes, the problem of finding the permutation minimal trellis is very simple. For linear binary block codes, a heuristic algorithm for the reduction of trellis complexity is proposed. A reduction in trellis complexity is achieved by the implementation of a new permutation algorithm, which is based on column and row permutations in the minimal weight generator matrix of the code. The ‘permutation-oriented’ generator matrix for obtaining permutation minimal or near-minimal trellises is defined.

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IEE Proceedings - Communications
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