Transparent metal oxide thin-film transistors prepared by spray pyrolysis

Bashir, Aneeqa and Wöbkenberg, Paul and Smith, Jeremy and Adamopoulos, George and Bradley, Donal and Anthopoulos, Thomas (2009) Transparent metal oxide thin-film transistors prepared by spray pyrolysis. In: EMRS Spring Meeting 2009, 2009-06-08.

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The next generation of optoelectronic devices, i.e. solar cells, optical displays, optical sensors, will strongly benefit from the emerging field of transparent electronics. The backbone of this technology is the unusual family of materials namely transparent metal oxides. Here we report on the use of spray pyrolysis (SP) for the deposition of oxide semiconductors and the fabrication of transparent thin-film transistors (TFTs) and integrated circuits. SP combines the advantages of solution processing, compatibility with large area deposition, relatively low temperature processing and the ability to deliver high quality and optically transparent semiconducting films. The SP method is compatible with a wide range of oxide precursors which enables the deposition of not only transparent semiconductors but also conductive as well as insulating oxide layers. To demonstrate the suitability of this technique for the fabrication of transparent electronics we fabricate high mobility TFTs and integrated circuits based on a range of oxide semiconductors including ZnO and TiO2. Temperature dependence charge transport studies, performed on selected materials systems, reveal a band like transport behaviour, providing further supporting evidences on the superior quality of the deposited films. Finally, the effect of chemical doping via simple physical blending with various elements is also discussed.

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EMRS Spring Meeting 2009
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