Crossing of cyclotron and spin resonances in a 2D electron gas

Falko, Vladimir (1994) Crossing of cyclotron and spin resonances in a 2D electron gas. Surface Science, 305 (1-3). pp. 290-294. ISSN 0039-6028

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We compare anticrossing of the cyclotron and spin resonances in spin-polarized and non-polarized phases of the degenerate two-dimensional Coulomb gas subjected to a strong tilted magnetic field. The spin-orbit coupling splits these resonances into three lines with the gaps between them exactly equal to delta2n+1 = v(so)p(F) and delta2n = v(so)p(F)/square-root 2 at odd- and even- integer filling factors, respectively. The 1/square-root 2 difference between delta2n and delta2n+1 comes from the existence of an additional spin-density wave excitation in the polarized phase of interacting electrons at nu = 2n and can be treated as a means to indicate the re-entrance of the system into it.

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