Precision comparison of the quantum Hall effect in graphene and gallium arsenide

Janssen, T. J. B. M. and Williams, J. M. and Fletcher, N. E. and Goebel, R. and Tzalenchuk, A. and Yakimova, R. and Lara-Avila, S. and Kubatkin, S. and Falko, Vladimir (2012) Precision comparison of the quantum Hall effect in graphene and gallium arsenide. Metrologia, 49 (3). pp. 294-306. ISSN 0026-1394

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The half-integer quantum Hall effect in epitaxial graphene is compared with high precision to the well-known integer effect in a GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure. We find no difference between the quantized resistance values within the relative standard uncertainty of our measurement of 8.7 x 10(-11). The result places new tighter limits on any possible correction terms to the simple relation R-K = h/e(2), and also demonstrates that epitaxial graphene samples are suitable for application as electrical resistance standards of the highest metrological quality. We discuss the characterization of the graphene sample used in this experiment and present the details of the cryogenic current comparator bridge and associated uncertainty budget.

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