Nitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching as Affected by Gypsum Amendment and Exchangeable Calcium and Magnesium

Favaretto, N. and Norton, L. D. and Johnston, C. T. and Bigham, J. and Sperrin, M. (2012) Nitrogen and Phosphorus Leaching as Affected by Gypsum Amendment and Exchangeable Calcium and Magnesium. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 76 (2). pp. 575-585. ISSN 0361-5995

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The loss of N and P by leaching is an important issue, especially on agricultural fields with subsurface tile drainage. The objective of this study was to evaluate how gypsum amendment and soil exchangeable Ca2+ and Mg2+ could affect the movement of P, NH4-N, and NO3-N in infiltrated water and soil. A column experiment was performed using a Miami silt loam soil, and the treatments were (i) control, (ii) gypsum applied at the surface, (iii) gypsum mixed into the 2.5-cm depth, and (iv) alteration of five different target exchangeable Ca/Mg ratios. A clear Plexiglas cylinder was filled with a 15-cm layer of soil; N, P, and K were applied in solution at the surface after the soil had been wetted and drained. Deionized water at a flow of 0.5 mL min(-1) was applied and eight leachate fractions, totaling about five pore volumes, were collected. Gypsum (5000 kg ha(-1)) applied at the surface and mixed into the 2.5-cm depth significantly decreased P and increased NH4-N concentration but had no significant effect on NO3-N leaching. Exchangeable Ca/Mg ratio treatments did not affect soluble nutrient losses; however, leaching of particulate P was significantly less in the Ca-treated soil than the Mg-treated soil. The overall practical conclusion of this study is that to control P transport, it is necessary to add gypsum even with a high soil exchangeable Ca/Mg ratio. The application of gypsum to the soil could be recommended as a best management practice to avoid water pollution by P; on the other hand, this could cause environmental problems by increasing the NH4 soil mobility.

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