Indication of electron neutrino appearance from an accelerator-produced off-axis muon neutrino beam

Abe, K. and Abgrall, N. and Ajima, Y. and Aihara, H. and Albert, J. B. and Andreopoulos, C. and Andrieu, B. and Aoki, S. and Araoka, O. and Argyriades, J. and Ariga, A. and Ariga, T. and Assylbekov, S. and Autiero, D. and Badertscher, A. and Barbi, M. and Barker, G. J. and Barr, G. and Bass, M. and Bay, F. and Bentham, S. and Berardi, V. and Berger, B. E. and Bertram, I. and Besnier, M. and Beucher, J. and Beznosko, D. and Bhadra, S. and Blaszczyk, F. D. M. M. and Blondel, A. and Bojechko, C. and Bouchez, J. and Boyd, S. B. and Bravar, A. and Bronner, C. and Brook-Roberge, D. G. and Buchanan, N. and Budd, H. and Calvet, D. and Cartwright, S. L. and Carver, A. and Castillo, R. and Catanesi, M. G. and Cazes, A. and Finch, Alexander and Grant, N. and Hatzikoutelis, A. and Maryon, T. and Nowak, Jaroslaw and Kormos, Laura (2011) Indication of electron neutrino appearance from an accelerator-produced off-axis muon neutrino beam. Physical review letters, 107 (4). ISSN 1079-7114

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The T2K experiment observes indications of nu(mu) -> nu(mu) e appearance in data accumulated with 1.43 x 10(20) protons on target. Six events pass all selection criteria at the far detector. In a three-flavor neutrino oscillation scenario with |Delta m(23)(2)| = 2.4 x 10(-3) eV(2), sin(2)2 theta(23) = 1 and sin(2)2 theta(13) = 0, the expected number of such events is 1.5 +/- 0.3(syst). Under this hypothesis, the probability to observe six or more candidate events is 7 x 10(-3), equivalent to 2.5 sigma significance. At 90% C.L., the data are consistent with 0.03(0.04) < sin(2)2 theta(13) < 0.28(0.34) for delta(CP) = 0 and a normal (inverted) hierarchy.

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Physical review letters
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