Rapid incidental phosphorus transfers from grassland

Preedy, N. and McTiernan, K. and Matthews, R. and Heathwaite, L. and Haygarth, P. (2001) Rapid incidental phosphorus transfers from grassland. Journal of Environmental Quality, 30 (6). pp. 2105-2112. ISSN 1537-2537

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In Britain, frequent rainfall means that there is a high potential for rapid, direct (incidental) losses of phosphorus (P) to occur after fertilizer or manure application. However, despite the known contribution of P to the eutrophication of water bodies in Britain, such incidental transfers have received little experimental attention. To rectify this, we used lysimeter plots (each 3 × 10 m) to investigate incidental transfers in a composite of overland and lateral subsurface flow (0–27 cm) following the application of different P sources. The treatments used were triple super phosphate (TSP), dairy slurry (Slurry), an equal mix of TSP plus slurry (TSP + Slurry), and no P (Zero P). The treatments were applied to wet soil at a rate of 29 kg ha−1 In the following 169 h, 48.8 mm rainfall (intensity ≤3 mm h−1) resulted in total phosphorus (TP) exports between 1.8 and 2.3 kg ha−1 A single 4-h period (with overland flow) accounted for 33 to 46% of overall loads from the P-amended treatments. Concentrations in discharge from TSP + Slurry and TSP peaked at 11000 μg TP L−1 (67–68% as reactive P < 0.45 μm [RP < 0.45]). Slurry peaked at 7000 μg TP L−1, 66% as particulate TP (>0.45 μm) and 20% as RP < 0.45 Even in subsurface flow, concentrations exceeded 3000 μg TP L−1 for all P-amended treatments. Incidental TP concentrations in plot discharge were up to 110-fold higher than those considered eutrophic in inland waters. We suggest that targeting short-term management decisions for P applications is the most immediately viable method to mitigate P loss and benefit the environment.

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