Rebecca Fortnum at the Drawing Gallery.

Fortnum, Rebecca (2005) Rebecca Fortnum at the Drawing Gallery. UNSPECIFIED.

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Special Individual Circumstances. This new series of work, financially supported by Oppenheim-John Downes Artists' Award, was made in response to research questions regarding the boundaries of drawing and painting, fine art and the decorative. Although the medium is watercolour and Fortnum uses a brush, she defines the work in a statement in the accompanying leaflet, and six illustrations, as drawing for the following reasons: the provisional, experimental place these works have in her practice, the physical process requiring accuracy with the hand and meditative concentration, and the closeness of the experience to life drawing, and use of line. The Rococo series explore accusations of decorativeness and the uncanny nature of symmetry. The solo show in the Drawing Gallery attracted two reviews: Hepzibah Anderson, The London Evening Standard and Sue Hubbard in The Independent (illustrated) stating: 'These are thoughtful, considered drawings. There is nothing showy here. There is a suggestion of something coming to the surface and finding a resolution. This not only describes the physical evolution of these works, but something deeper; something that has to do with the very process of making art.' The work was also reviewed in the two person show in the June Fitzpatrick Gallery by Chris Thompson in The Portland Phoenix, October 7th to 13th (2005) who noted the way the work debated categories refusing easy definition.'The weave of fine forms hovers at the edge of symmetry inside a frame in which nothing quite balances against its opposing form, and yet everything coheres in an elastic shudder. All is askew enough to be palpably plastic. The departures from perfect symmetry become elaborations, perhaps perfections upon it. They signify a threshold point in this scenario where, instead of giving in to the congealing force of symmetry, any number of future phases could become possible.' RAE_import_type : Exhibition RAE_uoa_type : LICA
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