Hotel Methuselah (75').

Boynton, Neil and Quick, Andrew (2005) Hotel Methuselah (75'). UNSPECIFIED.

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Boynton was solely responsible for creating the soundtrack for Hotel Methuselah, which includes original composition, music supervision and sound effects. By incorporating elements of French source songs into original music cues, Boynton creates a cohesive sound world. Hotel Methuselah, co-directed by Pete Brooks and Andrew Quick investigates specific thematic concerns around violence, responsibility, gender politics and memory in the context of a work that seeks to create an original aesthetic experience for audiences. As part of the genre-play between cinema and theatre, one of the functions of the soundtrack is to point up cinematic elements in the work. Elsewhere the soundtrack employs ambient sounds, sometimes layered on top of traditional musical passages, illustrating in part the fragmentation of the story-telling aesthetic: Boynton constructs an experimental soundtrack that moves between diegetic and non-diegetic sounds. The soundtrack also uses four-channel audio, which through changing the audience's spatial relation to the sound brings out the notion of temporal dislocation at critical narrative moments. The sense of dislocation echoes the denial of conventional viewing positions that are expected in performance: a letter-box shaped opening denies the audience access to the performer's faces; these are seen on the screen in the background. Other outcomes: catalogue (ISBN: 18622017650) which includes the full script of the performance and three contextualising essays authored by Jonathan Munby (Lancaster University), Deborah Levy and Andrew Quick. RAE_import_type : Performance RAE_uoa_type : LICA
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