skyWriting, video and sound projection, duration 13 minutes 46 seconds

Rose, Emma E. and Boynton, Neil (2005) skyWriting, video and sound projection, duration 13 minutes 46 seconds. UNSPECIFIED.

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Special Individual Circumstances. Both Rose and Boynton were involved in all aspects of decision-making over the two-year composition of this experimental video. skyWriting investigates how technological advances can be combined with visual and social aesthetic concerns in new and emotionally compelling ways. First, digital technology enables the use of multiple windows or frames of action in a single screen. skyWriting creates new relationships between familiar images: several frames of action depict a subject from different viewpoints to create a new experience, forcing the viewer into an insecure relationship where nothing is taken for granted, each vision cut by a window revealing another world. Second, photographs are morphed into abstract forms: stripes, trails and traces, exposing details and facets of the object not usually subject to scrutiny. The work explores the margins between abstraction and photography, inviting the viewer to evaluate familiar images and narrative sequences in a new way. Transmediale 05 provided a global critical forum for new media art, a context presented in catalogue essays written in English and German. There were nine conference sessions and 60 lectures and skyWriting was part of its permanent exhibition. Transmediale was sponsored by The Council of the German Culture Foundation and there were 66 reviews in newspapers, journals, radio and television programmes. After showing on The Big Screen, Philips used skyWriting to advertise BBC public space broadcasting on Philips video screens. It was screened twice during the Korean video festival, selected from the best experimental films of Seoul Net Festival from worldwide submission on the basis of its exploration of new models of screen aesthetics with high production quality. It was screened alongside a lecture at IRCAM, Centre Pompidou Paris, and shown in group exhibitions in Edinburgh, reviewed in The Scotsman and The Herald. RAE_import_type : Exhibition RAE_uoa_type : LICA
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