Portrait Concr'te: Jo Hamilton in fixed media [16 bit x 44.1kHz x 21'31'].

Saario, A. S. and Hamilton, J. (2003) Portrait Concr'te: Jo Hamilton in fixed media [16 bit x 44.1kHz x 21'31']. UNSPECIFIED.

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Early Career Researcher. The work set out to investigate, question and promote a reflection about the nature of creation, originality, interpretation and authorship in the realm of recording based composition and in the portrayal arts in general. An unorthodox model of interaction with the source recordings/material was developed to enhance and bring out the original theme of sonic portray ' the acousmatic separation between the artist and their subject. An expanded palette of structuring processes and compositional perspectives, alongside a dynamic dialogue between subjectivity and objectivity, were obtained by the application of a set of limitations, as informed by the research questions and aesthetic concerns of the work. Fixed media; songs as readymades; found sound; sonic diaries; eavesdropping; and the notion of a composer as a producer or a portray artist who engrave their sonic signature on to the composite 'image' of the portrayed subject, met in this exploration of what it is that we can truly capture and what the act of replaying means ' concepts put forward by Bohm in the realm of physics and Krause in nature recording. What is it to portray something or someone and what is the function of the artist in the process? These questions forced and forged the ideas of the acts of composition; recording as a reductive process of fixing time, along with memory and identity to be critically reflected upon during composition, thus tracing and imprinting these abstract 'images' onto the sonic canvas. The resulting acousmatic portrait of the singer songwriter Joanne Hamilton, fuses spectromorphological, radiophonic and documentary-style narrative elements with Warholian cinematic and pop art aesthetic. Concert performance at CBSO-Centre, Birmingham, 2003. Portrait Concr'te was pre-selected for the 2005 Concours Phonuriga Nova in the Radiophonic category. Broadcast by Cornerhouse: Artradio, Manchester in 2007. Sound installation at Soundwaves Festival 2007, Brighton. RAE_import_type : Composition RAE_uoa_type : LICA
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