Digital Culture.

Gere, Charlie (2002) Digital Culture. Reaktion. ISBN 1861891431

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Digital Culture articulates the degree to which our everyday lives are becoming dominated by digital technology, whether in terms of leisure, work or bureaucracy. This dominance is reflected in other areas, including the worlds of finance, technology, scientific research, media and telecommunications. Out of this situation a particular set of cultural responses has emerged, for example, in art, music, design, film, literature and elsewhere. This book offers a new perspective on digital culture by examining its development, and reveals that, despite appearances, it is neither radically new, nor ultimately technologically driven. It traces its roots to the late 18th century, and shows how it sprang from a number of impulses, including the information needs of industrial capitalism and contemporary warfare, avant-garde artistic practice, counter-cultural experimentation, radical philosophy and sub-cultural style. It is these conditions that produced both digital technology and digital culture, and which have determined how they develop. Following this publication, Gere was invited to a number of international conferences on the theme of new media art history. This book was extremely well received and excellently reviewed in, for example, The Journal for Visual Culture, Digital Creativity, The Art Book, Fine Art Forum and Mute. It is in wide use as a standard work in universities all over the world and has been translated as a whole into Finnish and Korean and one chapter has been translated into Russian and published in a leading Russian-language journal. RAE_import_type : Authored book RAE_uoa_type : LICA
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