Cuba Libra at the Cafe Espana.

Mort, G. R. (2002) Cuba Libra at the Cafe Espana. UNSPECIFIED.

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Cuba Libre was broadcast on Monday April 2nd 2002 on BBC Radio 4 as an afternoon play, having been selected from the competitive BBC offers-round and developed as a script. It was produced by Sue Roberts, a leading producer of poetry on radio. The play is innovative in its use of setting (Yorkshire and Catalunya) and in its splicing of poetry with more traditional dialogue-based radio drama. Research for the project involved two trips to Northern Spain, the compilation of a photographic archive and a series of sound recordings from which a sequence of poems was derived. The play itself took only a few poems from a more extensive poem sequence and explored the gaps in the sequences by supplying narrative linkage. This was essentially a reflexive process, developing implications in the original poems into more explicit form for radio. The significance of the programme lies in its exploration of apparently disparate places and cultures through a unifying human ' and poetic ' sensibility, unpicking layers of history, political and linguistic upheaval against a backdrop of a human relationship undergoing similar change. RAE_import_type : Other form of assessable output RAE_uoa_type : English Language and Literature
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