Magnetic storms in October 2003

Panasyuk, M.I. and Kuznetsov, S.N. and Lazutin, L.L. and Avdyushin, S.I. and Alexeev, I.I. and Ammosov, P.P. and Antonova, A.E. and Baishev, D.G. and Belenkaya, E.S. and Beletsky, A.B. and Belov, A.V. and Benghin, V.V. and Bobrovnikov, S.Yu. and Bondarenko, V.A. and Boyarchuk, K.A. and Veselovsky, I.S. and Vyushkova, T.Yu. and Gavrilieva, G.A. and Gaidash, S.P. and Ginzburg, E.A. and Denisov, Yu.I. and Dmitriev, A.V. and Zherebtsov, G.A. and Zelenyi, L.M. and Ivanov-Kholodny, G.S. and Kalegaev, V.V. and Kanonidi, Kh.D. and Kleimenova, N.G. and Kozyreva, O.V. and Kolomiitsev, O.P. and Krasheninnikov, I.A. and Krivolutsky, A.A. and Kropotkin, A.P. and Kuminov, A.A. and Leshchenko, L.N. and Mar'in, B.V. and Mitrikas, V.G. and Mikhalev, A.V. and Mullayarov, V.A. and Muravieva, E.A. and Myagkova, I.N. and Petrov, V.M. and Petrukovich, A.A. and Podorolsky, A.N. and Pudovkin, M.I. and Samsonov, S.N. and Sakharov, Ya.A. and Svidsky, P.M. and Sokolov, V.D. and Soloviev, S.I. and Sosnovets, E.N. and Starkov, G.V. and Starostin, L.I. and Tverskaya, L.V. and Teltsov, M.V. and Troshichev, O.A. and Tsetlin, V.V. and Yushkov, B.Yu. (2004) Magnetic storms in October 2003. Cosmic Research, 42 (5). pp. 489-535. ISSN 0010-9525

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Cosmic Research
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