The design of the positron source for the international linear collider.

Clarke, J. A. and Bailey, I. R. and Baynham, E. and Bharadwaj, V. and Bradshaw, T. W. and Brummit, A. and Bungau, A. and Carr, F. S. and Collomb, N. A. and Dainton, J. and Dollan, R. and Gai, W. and Gronberg, J. and Hartin, A. F. and Hesselbach, S. and Hock, K. M. and Ivanyushenkov, Y. and Jenner, L. J. and Laihem, K. and Lintern, A. and Liu, W. and Lohse, T. and Malyshev, O. B. and Malysheva, L. I. and Mikhailichenko, A. A. and Moortgat-Pick, G. A. and Piggott, W. T. and Riemann, S. and Rochford, J. and Ryder, N. C. and Schaelicke, A. and Scott, D. J. and Sheppard, J. C. and Ushakov, A. and Zang, L. (2008) The design of the positron source for the international linear collider. In: 11th European Particle Accelerator Conference, 2008-06-232008-06-27, Magazzini del Cotone.

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The high luminosity requirements and the option of a polarized positron beam present a great challenge for the positron source of a future linear collider. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of the latest proposed design for the baseline positron source of the International Linear Collider (ILC). We report on recent progress and results concerning the main components of the source: including the undulator, capture optics, and target.

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11th European Particle Accelerator Conference
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