Effect of low nitrogen concentrations on the electronic properties of InAs1-xNx.

Patane, A and Feu, W. H. M. and Makarovsky, O. and Drachenko, O. and Eaves, L. and Krier, Anthony and Zhuang, Qian D. and Helm, M. and Goiran, M. and Hill, G. (2009) Effect of low nitrogen concentrations on the electronic properties of InAs1-xNx. Physical review B, 80 (11). p. 115207. ISSN 1550-235X

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We report cyclotron resonance (CR), transverse magnetoresistance (MR), and Hall effect studies of a series of n-type InAs1−xNx epilayers grown on GaAs with x up to 1%. The well-resolved CR absorption lines, the classical linear MR, Shubnikov–de Haas magneto-oscillations, and negative MR revealed in our experiments provide a means of probing the effect of the N atoms on the electronic properties of this alloy system and reveal qualitative differences compared to the case of the wider gap III-N-V compounds, such as GaAs1−xNx. In GaAs1−xNx electron localization by N levels that are resonant with the extended band states of the host crystal act to degrade the electrical conductivity at small x (∼0.1%). These phenomena are significantly weaker in InAs1−xNx due to the smaller energy gap and higher energy of the N levels relative to the conduction band minimum. In InAs1−xNx the electrical conductivity retains the characteristic features of transport through extended states, with electron coherence lengths (lφ∼100 nm at 2 K) and electron mobilities (μ=6×103 cm2 V−1 s−1 at 300 K) that remain relatively large even at x=1%.

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Physical review B
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