Low 15N/14N ratios for nitrate in snow in the High Arctic (791N).

Heaton, Tim H. E. and Wynn, Peter M. and Tye, Andy M. (2004) Low 15N/14N ratios for nitrate in snow in the High Arctic (791N). Atmospheric Environment, 38 (33). pp. 5611-5621. ISSN 1352-2310

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We report on the 15N/14N and 18O/16O ratio analysis of nitrate in accumulated winter snowpack and fresh spring snow collected near Ny A( lesund, Svalbard (791N), in the early summers of 2001–2003. The presence of contaminant organic matter in the silver nitrate prepared for analysis must be carefully monitored to assess its effects on d15N, and particularly d18O results. d15N values ranged 18% to 7% (versus air N2) and d18O values +60 to +85% (versus VSMOW). The d18O values are in the reported range for atmospheric nitrate in other parts of the globe, and will tend to reflect the relationship between NOy oxygen and H2O þ O2 in the troposphere immediately prior to nitrate deposition. d15N values, however, are lower than those for atmospheric nitrate over most parts of the globe, but show similarities to 15N/14N ratios reported for atmospheric nitrate in the Antarctic. We discuss mechanisms for producing 15N-depleted nitrate in the troposphere, or the possibility that it reflects NOy nitrogen derived from the stratosphere.

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