Mason, Victoria (2007) Loyalties. Symposia . API Network Press, Perth, Australia.

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Loyalty: whether we are talking about concepts of loyalty at an individual, family, community, organisational or state level, this is a word that generally elicits passionate responses. But what do we actually mean by the term 'loyalty'? And, in today's globalised, transnational world, is loyalty a term that still has salience and relevance? Whilst loyalty might be seen by some as outdated, signifying the attachments of subjects to their monarchs, or outbursts of fist-thumping xenophobia, it is clear that ideas about 'loyalty' remain significant, as the chapters in this volume illustrate. In particular, notions of loyalty are pivotal in processes of identity formation, for both the individual and the larger social body. This volume critically addresses concepts of 'loyalties' and brings together an eclectic range of contributions and multidisciplinary approaches, drawing on sociology, politics, law and history.

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Chapters: 'Introduction' - Victoria Mason Ch 1: 'War and immigration: contesting Australian loyalties'- James Connor Ch 2: '"From this time forward...I pledge my loyalty to Australia": loyalty, citizenship and constitutional law in Australia' - Kim Rubenstein Ch 3: 'Loyalties and strangers: Australia's response to asylum-seekers' - Don McMaster Ch4: 'Meanings of loyalty in inter-war Australia' - Ewan Morris Ch 5: 'Angry disloyalties: young South Australians discussing social and political issues' - Chilla Bulbeck Ch 6: 'Migrating loyalties: immigrant and ethnic Chinese in Australia, 1850-2000' - Gregor Benton and Shen Yuanfang Ch 7: 'The disloyal loyalty of economic rationalism and neo-liberalism' - Jock Collins Ch 8: 'The uses of the refugee for Australian identity' - Avan Judd Stallard Ch 9: 'National identity among Australian citizens and elites' - Ian McAllister Ch 10: 'Ghurbah: Constructions and Negotiations of home, identity and loyalty in the Palestinian diaspora' - Victoria Mason Ch 11: 'Other people's wars? Some thoughts on Australia's military involvements in the twentieth century' - Carl Bridge Ch 12: 'The Afghan Anzac? A story of loyalties and legends among Australian Muslims' - Katy Nebhan
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