Mobile-IPv6 and IPv6 Implementations for Microsoft Windows.

Scott, Andrew C. and Chart, T. and Finney, J. and Schmid, S. (2002) Mobile-IPv6 and IPv6 Implementations for Microsoft Windows. Microsoft UK. (Unpublished)

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This output is the culmination of work over a number of years on research and development of systems and applications for the new Internet Protocol IPv6 and associated mobility support, namely Mobile IPv6. This included prototype implementations of Mobile IPv6 for Linux and companies such as Cisco. The implementation of Mobile IPv6 for Microsoft Windows was a significant undertaking as the code was subject to the normal Microsoft development cycles in terms of timescales, deadlines and testing. The code successfully completed a comprehensive commercial grade code review and was included in the main Microsoft code base. Having passed Microsoft's extensive test procedures the code was subsequently released in Microsoft products. Professor Roger Needham CBE FRS, then Managing Director of Microsoft Research Cambridge stated, We embarked upon this project because we thought that the people at Lancaster were good, and the results have fully justified this. In this case the outcome has surpassed anything that we might reasonably have expected, and we are very pleased that it has produced something genuinely useful. We understand the University was given unprecedented access to both the Microsoft code base and to the core development teams. The project's success was used to launch Microsoft's Academic Shared Source initiative and was awarded the first Microsoft Windows Embedded Academic Excellence Award by then Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Bill Gates in 2002. The award and the inclusion of the code in Microsoft Windows CE.NET were covered extensively by the press. The story was distributed by the Associated Press and Reuters, plus many channels, including eWeek, Forbes, NetworkWorldFusion, InfoWorld, IDG, ZDNet, BusinessWeek - CNET News.Com, The Register, IDG News, Seattle PI, and the Seattle Times. Coverage was also given on King-TV and Kiro-TV in the USA. The code was later used in Microsoft Windows .NET Server. RAE_import_type : Software RAE_uoa_type : Computer Science and Informatics
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