Thermally-generated Gauge Singlet Scalars as Self-Interacting Dark Matter.

McDonald, John (2002) Thermally-generated Gauge Singlet Scalars as Self-Interacting Dark Matter. Physical review letters, 88 (9). 091304. ISSN 1079-7114

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We show that a gauge singlet scalar S, with a coupling to the Higgs doublet of the form λSS†SH†H and with the S mass entirely generated by the Higgs expectation value, has a thermally generated relic density ΩS≈0.3 if mS≈(2.9–10.5) (ΩS/0.3)1/5(h/0.7)2/5 MeV. Remarkably, this is very similar to the range [mS = (6.6–15.4)η2/3 MeV] required in order for the self-interaction (η/4) (S†S)2 to account for self-interacting dark matter when η is not much smaller than 1. The corresponding coupling is λS≈(2.7×10-10–3.6×10-9) (ΩS/0.3)2/5(h/0.7)4/5, implying that such scalars are very weakly coupled to the standard model sector.

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Physical review letters
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Development of the author's pioneering minimal model for cold dark matter (Gauge singlet scalars as cold dark matter, Phys.Rev. D50 3637). Predicts 1-10 MeV scalar particles which can account for self-interacting dark matter. These have since become a possible explanation for the 511 MeV gamma-ray line observed by INTEGRAL. RAE_import_type : Journal article RAE_uoa_type : Physics
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