Inflation at the TeV scale with a PNGB curvaton.

Dimopoulos, Konstantinos (2006) Inflation at the TeV scale with a PNGB curvaton. Physics Letters B, 634 (4). pp. 331-339. ISSN 0370-2693

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We investigate a particular type of curvaton mechanism, under which inflation can occur at Hubble scale of order 1 TeV. The curvaton is a pseudo Nambu–Goldstone boson, whose order parameter increases after a phase transition during inflation, triggered by the gradual decrease of the Hubble scale. The mechanism is studied in the context of modular inflation, where the inflaton is a string axion. We show that the mechanism is successful for natural values of the model parameters, provided the phase transition occurs much earlier than the time when the cosmological scales exit the horizon. Also, it turns our that the radial mode for our curvaton must be a flaton field.

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Physics Letters B
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