Osmoregulatory capacity of the Cladocera.

Aladin, N. V. and Potts, W. T. W. (1995) Osmoregulatory capacity of the Cladocera. Journal of Comparative Physiology B, 164 (8). pp. 671-683. ISSN 1432-136X

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Within the order Cladocera are found almost all varieties of osmotic regulation, which make it possible for them to live in waters of a wide range of salt concentrations. Many Cladocera are very powerful osmoregulators and are comparable to the teleosts and decapod crustaceans in their abilities. The variety of osmoregulatory capacities within the cladocerans are illustrated and discussed. The function of mitochondrion-rich ion transporting cells found in nuchal glands or on epipodites are diseussed and the physiological mechanisms involved in osmoregulation are compared with similar mechanisms in other crustaceans and in teleosts. Data is provided on osinotic regulation in eggs and embryos in open and elosed brood chambers. Other topics include the occurrence of physiological races in some species, recent changes in osmoregulatory abilities following man-induced changes in salinity, the effects of temperature on osmoregulation and the effects of pH.

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Journal of Comparative Physiology B
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