Calcium as a second messenger in stomatal guard cells.

Taylor, Jane and Webb, A. A. R. and Montgomery, L. T. and Mansfield, T. A. and McAinsh, M. R. and Hetherington, A. M. (1996) Calcium as a second messenger in stomatal guard cells. Journal of Experimental Botany, 47 (Suppl). p. 2. ISSN 1460-2431

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ABSTRACTS - PLANT AND CELL TOPICS guard cells to a number of signals. Increases in the guard cell cytosolic free calcium concentration have been measured in response to CO2 (Webb et at., Plant J. (in press)), abscisic acid, auxin and extracellular Ca2\ These and other data have lead to the suggestion that Ca2* acts as a second messenger in the signal transduction cascades activated by these signals. We shall describe recent advances in dissecting the stimulus-response coupling pathways which link environmental and physiological signals to the control of stomatal movements and the activation of gene expression in guard cells.

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Journal of Experimental Botany
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