Why We Need Neurodiversity in Brain and Behavioral Sciences

Xia, Yinghui and Wang, Peng and Vincent, Jonathan (2024) Why We Need Neurodiversity in Brain and Behavioral Sciences. Brain-X, 2 (2): e70. ISSN 2835-3153

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In this article, we present the case for the adoption of a neurodiversity paradigm as an essential framework within the brain and behavioral sciences. We challenge the deficit-focused medical model by advocating for the recognition of neurocognitive variances—including autism, ADHD, dyslexia, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder—as natural representations of human diversity. We call for a shift in research and practice towards valuing neurodivergent individuals' unique strengths and contributions and promoting inclusivity and empathy. In critiquing the tendency to pathologize cognitive differences, we argue for a re-evaluation of therapeutic goals to reflect a more nuanced understanding of neurodiversity. Highlighting the socio-ethical implications of therapy-focused research, we urge an appreciation of the potential for innovation and problem-solving that neurodivergent individuals bring to society. The conclusion is a call to action for an integrated approach in research, policy, and societal attitudes that affirms neurodiversity, fostering an environment in which all forms of cognitive functioning are celebrated as part of human advancement.

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