The osmoregulatory capacity of the Ostracoda.

Aladin, N. V. and Potts, W. T. W. (1996) The osmoregulatory capacity of the Ostracoda. Journal of Comparative Physiology B, 166 (3). pp. 215-222. ISSN 0174-1578

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All ostracods that inhabit inland waters are osmoregulators. Freshwater ostracods must be hyperosmotic regulators while ostracods that live in hyperhaline water are hypoosmotic regulators. Some euryhaline species are hypoosmotic regulators in salinities above 8 g·l-1 and hyperosmotic below. Hyperosmotic regulation in ostracods is partly dependent on salt consumed in the food but hypoosmotic regulation is dependent on the excretion of salt brought about by special cells located on the inside of the carapace.

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Journal of Comparative Physiology B
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