Flowing partially penetrating well: a solution of a mixed-type boundary value problem.

Cassiani, G. and Kabala, Z. J. and Medina, M. A. (1999) Flowing partially penetrating well: a solution of a mixed-type boundary value problem. Advances in Water Resources, 23 (1). pp. 59-68.

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A new semi-analytic solution to the mixed-type boundary value problem for a flowing partially penetrating well with infinitesimal skin situated in an anisotropic aquifer is developed. The solution is suited to aquifers having a semi-infinite vertical extent or to packer tests with aquifer horizontal boundaries far enough from the tested area. The problem reduces to a system of dual integral equations (DE) and further to a deconvolution problem. Unlike the analogous Dagan's steady-state solution [Water Resour. Res. 1978; 14:929–34], our DE solution does not suffer from numerical oscillations. The new solution is validated by matching the corresponding finite-difference solution and is computationally much more efficient. An automated (Newton–Raphson) parameter identification algorithm is proposed for field test inversion, utilizing the DE solution for the forward model. The procedure is computationally efficient and converges to correct parameter values. A solution for the partially penetrating flowing well with no skin and a drawdown–drawdown discontinuous boundary condition, analogous to that by Novakowski [Can. Geotech. J. 1993; 30:600–6], is compared to the DE solution. The D–D solution leads to physically inconsistent infinite total flow rate to the well, when no skin effect is considered. The DE solution, on the other hand, produces accurate results.

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Advances in Water Resources
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