MEMORIS : a wide angle camera for the BepiColombo mission.

Cremonese, G. and Capria, M. T. and Achilli, V. and Angrilli, F. and Baggio, P. and Barbieri, C. and Baumgardner, J. and Bistacchi, N. and Capaccioni, F. and Caporali, A. and Casanova, I. and De Bei, S. and Forlani, G. and Fornasier, S. and Hunten, D. and Ip, W. H. and Lazzarin, M. and Longhi, I. and Marinangeli, L. and Marzar, F. and Wilson, Lionel and et, al. (2004) MEMORIS : a wide angle camera for the BepiColombo mission. Advances in Space Research, 33 (12). pp. 2182-2188. ISSN 0273-1177

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MEMORIS (MErcury Moderate Resolution Imaging System) is a wide angle camera (WAC) concept for the ESA mission BepiColombo. The main scientific objectives consist of observing the whole surface of Mercury in the spectral range of 400–1000 nm, with a spatial resolution of 50 m per pixel at peri-Herm (400 km) and 190 m at apo-Herm (1500 km). It will obtain a map of Mercury in stereo mode allowing the determination of a digital elevation model with a panchromatic filter through two different channels. The camera will also perform multispectral imaging of the surface with a set of 8–12 different broad band filters. A third channel dedicated to limb observations will provide images of the atmosphere. MEMORIS will thus monitor the surface and the atmosphere during the entire mission, providing a unique opportunity to study the relationship between surface regions and the atmosphere, as suggested by ground-based observations and theory.

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Advances in Space Research
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