Preparation and properties of amorphous Cu/Zn/Al mixed phosphates

Hamza, A. and Nagaraju, N. (2012) Preparation and properties of amorphous Cu/Zn/Al mixed phosphates. In: Advances in Inorganic Phosphate Materials - A Collection of Papers Presented at the 7th International Symposium on Inorganic Phosphate Materials. Ceramic Transactions . American Ceramic Society, USA, pp. 175-185. ISBN 9781118273760

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A series of phosphates of aluminium, copper, zinc and their mixtures were prepared by precipitation method. The materials were analyzed for their textural properties such as elemental composition by (ICP-AES), surface area by BET, crystallinity by PXRD, and surface acidity by NH3-TPD, functional groups by FT-IR. The percentage of copper and zinc loading in aluminophosphate was varied and its influence on the textural properties was investigated. Studies on N2 adsorption isotherms revealed the nature of pores and their size distribution. Pure aluminophosphate was found to be amorphous and microporous whereas copper and zinc phosphates were crystalline and macroporous. Incorporation of copper and/or zinc ions during the preparation of aluminophosphate resulted amorphous and mesoporous materials. These materials had higher surface area and greater amount of strong acidic sites than pure aluminophosphate. These properties may be exploited in adsorption processes and catalytic reactions involving bulkier organic reagents for synthesis of organic fine chemicals.

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