Multivariate optimisation of butylene carbonate synthesis via CO2 utilisation

Onyenkeadi, Victor Nnamdi and Aboelazayem, Omar and Saha, Basu (2023) Multivariate optimisation of butylene carbonate synthesis via CO2 utilisation. In: World Conference on Carbon 2023, Mexico, 2023-07-16 - 2023-07-21, Mexico.

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CO2 is a major contributor to global warming and its emission is increasing continuously due to the industrial revolution in the last century. There is a global need to reduce CO2 emission and to use it as a reactant in different industries. Recently, there has been a tremendous interest to use CO2 as an environmentally benign building block in the chemical industry due to its unique physical and chemical properties. The synthesis of butylene carbonate (BC) through the reaction of butylene oxide (BO) and CO2 was investigated using a highly efficient graphene-based inorganic heterogeneous catalyst, cerium- lanthana-zirconia and graphene oxide represented as Ce–La–Zr–GO nanocomposite. In this work, systematic multivariate optimisation of BC synthesis via CO2 utilisation using graphene-based inorganic nanocomposite has been developed using Box-Behnken Design (BBD) of Response Surface Methodology (RSM). BBD has been applied to optimise the single and interactive effect of four independent reaction variables, i.e. reaction temperature, pressure, catalyst loading, and reaction time on the conversion of BO and BC yield. Two quadratic regression models have been developed representing an empirical relationship between each reaction response and all the independent variables. The predicted models have been validated statistically and experimentally, where a high agreement has been observed between predicted and experimental results. The implementation of the RSM optimisation process for the conversion of BC through the reaction between BO and CO2 has offered a new direction in a greener chemical process for waste reduction, optimum production of value-added chemicals, and effective utilisation of CO2 emissions.

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World Conference on Carbon 2023, Mexico
?? butylene carbonatecarbon dioxide utilisationoptimisationbox-behnken design (bbd)response surface methodology (rsm) ??
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